The feathers you ruffle have nothing to do with you…

From Jared Yellin

How many people do you want to impact?


One of the things that I have learned as someone who committed to NOT talking about change, but rather, causing change through my actions and commitment is that however many lives you intend to impact, divide this number by 1,000, and this will be the number of people who will have their feathers ruffled by your commitment to impact.

But what’s so unfortunate is that most people will never go after their full potential in fear of the feathers they will ruffle.

Here’s the key…

The feathers you ruffle have nothing to do with you…

The person who is tormented by your impact needs to delve within to see why they are so weak, so fragile, and so insecure.

It has nothing to do with your success, fame, accomplishments, or the fact that you have something or did something that they have not done.

It’s 100% something WITHIN them and most likely it’s the fact that YOU had the courage to go for your ALL, while they allowed their limiting beliefs to stand in their way, and instead of addressing and choosing to overcome this fictional barrier they decided to hate on YOU!

Hating on you has the perception of being EASIER than ignoring their doubt and/or eliminating their insecurity, but what’s FAR more difficult is knowing you had more to give and never trying.

But their issues are their issues, and my reason for sharing this message as we enter the weekend is I want to see you hold nothing back, stop caring what others think, and go for whatever your ALL is…

Go for the billion lives impact and ignore the few thousand who have been ruffled because when your INTENT is to create positive change, I don’t want you to be distracted by the people who only exist to distract you.

And for the record…

I am a living example of this.

I am committed to impacting at the highest of high levels. I know I have already ruffled some feathers, and I am equally as certain that I will ruffle more. This is what I call…


But most are not willing to accept this cost, and as a result they fall short of their impact.

My invitation and challenge for you is the following…


I know you got this – TOGETHER we achieve more.

Live with Intention,

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