Would you like to become a great leader? Join Randy Wolgemuth for 14 sessions as we discuss and learn about the 26 lessons from the book, Leadership Gold by John Maxwell. Join other business leaders who will share their experiences and thereby learn from each other. A powerful way to get you to a leadership level you may never have thought possible.

1 hour a week on Zoom for 14 consecutive weeks. Facilitated by Randy Wolgemuth, a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach. Discussion questions and topics will be provided every week in advance. Participants are required to get the book Leadership Gold.

Some nuggets from this Mastermind….

“if it’s lonely at the top, you’re not doing something right!” Because, becoming a leader is not only about winning; in fact, as we have learned before, one of leaders’ greatest strengths is the ability to nurture strong relationships. So, be a “climber” up the corporate leader, but be a “connector” as well. Because, as you will find out later on, it’s the connectors who really move the world around!

However, be aware that your character is built in the process and that there will always be some crucial moments when your decisions will either make or break you. Churchill said it well: “In every age there comes a time when a leader must come forward to meet the needs of the hour.”

But, John Wooden said it even better: “There is a choice you have to make in everything you do. So, keep in mind that in the end, the choice you make, makes you.”

And there are three critical choices you must make as a great leader.

First, you must choose to expect more from yourself than anyone else. Then, you have to make helping people your priority: pleasing them leads nowhere. Finally, you must find a way to forget the past, concentrate on the present, and plan the future.

And concentration is a trait of good listeners. They know what’s happening because they are attentive. And they can learn better than the others because they learn from everywhere. In addition, they are able to see other people’s strengths and weaknesses better; and this is a prerequisite to make them better employees. And people.

Key Lessons from the Sunrize Leadership Mastermind:

1.      Defining Moments Define You as a Leader
2.      Make Three Critical Choices Before You Make Anything Else
3.      People Quit People – Not Companies

Defining Moments Define You as a Leader

It’s easy to be a leader when everything’s nice and funny. It’s difficult to be one when the going gets tough. And you know what – only the tough get going then.

Well, not exactly. Depends on the moment. Sometimes it’s the tough, but sometimes it’s the vulnerable. For example, George Bush touched the hearts of the Americans after the September 11 attacks on the WTC, but failed to be a powerful leader after Hurricane Katrina. So, assess the crucial situation. And act accordingly!

Make Three Critical Choices Before You Make Anything Else

No matter what you do in life, you have to make some choices. And there are so many you can do nowadays, that it’s getting quite difficult to make the right ones.

So, focus on the more important ones. If you want to be a good leader you should make three critical choices. First of all, you need to expect from yourself more than what others expect from you. Secondly, you need to learn how to help – not please – people. And finally, you must always concentrate on the present.

People Quit People – Not Companies

Being a good leader means being a behavioural paragon for your employees. In fact, studies have shown that when someone quits, more often than not, he/she quits because of the leader or the manager. Not because of the company.

These are the topics we cover over 14 sessions:

1) If it’s lonely at the top, you’re not doing something right
2) The toughest person to lead is you
3) Defining moments define your leadership
4) When you get kicked in the rear, you know you’re out in front
5) Never work a day in your life
6) The best leaders are listeners
7) Get in the zone and stay there
8) A leader’s first responsibility is to define reality
9) To see how a leader is doing, look at the people
10) Don’t send your ducks to eagle school
11) Keep your mind on the main thing
12) Your biggest mistake is not asking what mistake you’re making
13) Don’t manage your time, manage your life
14) Keep learning to keep leading
15) Leaders distinguish themselves during tough times
16) People quit people, not companies
17) Experience is not the best teacher
18) The secret to a good meeting is the meeting before the meeting
19) Be a connector, not just a climber
20) The choices you make, make you
21) Influence should be loaned but never given
22) For everything you gain, you give up something
23) Those who start the journey with you seldom finish with you
24) Few leaders are successful unless a lot of people want them to be
25) You only get answers to the questions you ask
26) People will summarize your life in one sentence -Pick it now

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